Artist Spotlight: Maya Belardo

Teen Jazz singer Maya Belardo is a rising star. We were lucky enough to catch up to her while at a photo shoot in Philadelphia.  We wondered how someone so young became interested in jazz and what motivates her to go against the grain in her effort to revive the art form to greatness. Maya revealed that as a young girl the harshness of the song lyrics in the popular music of our time often made her sad. “Little kids shouldn’t be singing those words.” She exclaimed.  It is her goal to bring love and light into the world.  She wishes to bring positive messages and class into the forefront. She wants to see a day where young adults act like ladies and gentlemen.

Maya was inspired when watching the film ‘Moulin Rouge’.  The soundtrack includes a song by jazz legend Nat King Cole. After hearing that song she was hooked. It was not long before she immersed herself into Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Frank Sinatra and all of the great crooners of the past. She wants to bring back the essence and style that they delivered and make it popular once more.

Maya Belardo has recorded two EP’s. One is a self titled collection of Jazz Standards. The other ‘A Jazzy Holiday’ is a collection of holiday songs all recorded in a jazzy style. You can follow Maya on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep informed of her upcoming performance dates or go to

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